Our reports

HERE-Geneva Annual Reports:

HERE Annual Report 2018

HERE Annual Report 2017
HERE Annual Report 2016
HERE Annual Report 2015

Notes from HERE-organised consultations:
Buddha, Hercules, and others in Humanitarian Leadership, Geneva, 25 October 2019

Time for Real-Time Reviews, Geneva, 28 September 2018


The role of ‘mandates’project:

HERE Mandates Study Ethiopia 2019

HERE Mandates Study Myanmar Report 2019

HERE Mandates Study CAR Report 2019

HERE Mandates Study Mali Report 2018Etude de cas du Mali, en français


Addressing the Humanitarian Donor Accountability Gap? Feasibility Study for an HRI 2.0:

HRI 2.0 – Feasibility Study
Annex 1: Comparative overview of regulatory frameworks for humanitarian donorship
Annex 2: Signatories to the Grand Bargain, the GHD Principles, and the European Consensus
Annex 3: Evolution of the HRI 2007-2011
Annex 4: Comparative mapping of existing monitoring mechanisms
Annex 5: Current context review
Annex 6: Flowchart – HRI 2.0 objectives and options
Annex 7: Table of options – a comparison


HERE-Geneva’s contribution to the WHS:

On the right track? Reasserting the priorities of humanitarian action.


Priorities and Commitments in Humanitarian Action:

HERE Humanitarian Priorities – Final Report – 19 May 2016

Report on Working Meeting held on 3 February 2016, Geneva. Accountability: Moving from Rhetoric to Reality
Report on the Working Meeting held on 13 October 2015, Geneva. The Universality and Application of Values and Principles Underpinning Humanitarian Action.
Report on the Working Meeting held on 15 June 2015, Geneva. Setting Priorities to Protect Civilians in Armed Conflict. 


Addressing the Perennial Problems of Disaster Response:

The Jigsaw of the International Humanitarian Response System – January 2015

Background Study for the Disaster Response Dialogue Conference in Manila, Philippines – 02/03/2015


We also produce reports at the request of partner organisations. Recent examples include:

UNHCR’s Leadership and Coordination Role in Refugee Response Settings, Commissioned by UNHCR – 2019

Synthesis of Rohingya Response Evaluations of IOM, UNICEF and UNHCR, Commissioned in 2019

Independent Evaluation of the Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. (ADH) Joint Appeal to “Rohingya Myanmar Bangladesh”, commissioned by ADH, 2019 / Summary

Evaluation of UNICEF’s Response to the Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh, commissioned by UNICEF, 2018

‘Listen to our voices’ What does it take to improve refugee participation in durable solutions processes?, commissioned by DRC, 2018
Real-Time Response Review of the DEC Appeal for People Fleeing Myanmar, commissioned by the Disasters Emergency Committee, 2018
Whose Responsibility? Accountability for Refugee Protection and Solutions in a Whole-of-Society Approach, commissioned by DRC, 2017
Capacity Strengthening Opportunities and the Role of Country-Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs), commissioned by OCHA, 2017 / Executive Summary
Principled Humanitarian Assistance of ECHO Partners in Iraq, commissioned by Norwegian Refugee Council, 2017
Real Time Evaluation: Response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, commissioned by the UK Department for International Development, 2017 / En français
The Challenges of Localised Humanitarian Aid in Armed Conflict, commissioned by Médecins Sans Frontières, 2016 (OCBA).