What we do

One of the basic principles of humanitarian aid is that those who need aid most will be prioritised. It is our concern that humanitarian actors have increasingly been unable to deliver aid to those most in need. We believe that there are major gaps in humanitarian responses around the globe and we are collecting evidence to demonstrate these gaps, and possible solutions for filling them.
HERE carries out two sets of activities:


  • Self-initiated research: these projects are based in our own observations and assessments of the gaps between policy and practice. They are covered by unrestricted funds from donors, and we carry them out independently.
  • Commissioned pieces of work: we are happy to accept pieces of work that are commissioned to us, that fit with our agenda, and our core research expertise.


In line with our identity, HERE’s research agenda focuses around three main areas:


  1. The gap between policy and humanitarian practice;
  2. Defining humanitarian effectiveness; and
  3. The gaps in the delivery of humanitarian aid in armed conflicts


For more information, see also the HERE Strategy 2019-2021.