Who we are

HERE (Humanitarian Exchange and Research Centre) is an independent, Geneva-based non-profit organisation.
In a world where humanitarian needs remain unmet, HERE’s mission is to contribute to increasing the effectiveness of humanitarian action.

HERE defines its relevance in relation to six combined elements, which are mutually reinforcing. They underpin our strategy and set the direction for our priorities. Working inclusively and in close collaboration with operational humanitarian actors, HERE drives evidence-based dialogue and identifies solutions for rebooting the humanitarian ecosystem. We feed the humanitarian community with independent reports, policy papers and studies based on applied, mixed-methods research and analysis, with a view to influencing action and policy, and fuel debate.
Humanitarian action is generally seen as ‘doing good’ (helping people in need) but just ‘doing good’ is not enough, because:


  • There are major differences between natural disasters and armed conflict. HERE focuses on armed conflict, because this is where most unmet needs are found.
  • Humanitarian action has been politicised.
  • There is an increased confusion over what qualifies as humanitarian action.

    Research and dialogue will help to provide clarity.