annual report 2020 shadowed

HERE-Geneva in 2020 | Annual report


June 2021

In 2020, the worldwide impact of the pandemic on humanitarian action pushed us to adjust the scope of our research agenda. Concerned that COVID-19 might exacerbate existing gaps between policy and humanitarian practice, between commitments and reality, we dedicated considerable time and resources to understanding what the crisis meant for the humanitarian sector – now and in the future.

At the same time, we tried to ensure the continuity of regular activities as best as possible. In our ambition to identify and propose solutions to the gaps between humanitarian policy and practice, much of our research and work providing a forum for exchange has driven efforts to (i) improve the status and impact of protection in humanitarian practice, (ii) strengthen accountability in the performance of agencies, and (iii) work on systemic issues impeding principled humanitarian action. This year, our work on these key themes intersected with analysis around cooperation and coordination within the sector and its leadership.