CHS Verification Scheme review

Final report expected: Autumn 2022

The Core Humanitarian Standard is a set of commitments organisations have made to people affected by crises. If we want to ensure organisations are putting their rights and dignity at the centre of our work, organisations need to not only commit to meeting the standard, but measure and improve how they are meeting their commitments.

The modality established to support organisations to do this is the CHS Quality Assurance Verification Scheme. It currently offers three verification options: Self-Assessment, Independent Verification and Certification.

To date, 150 organisations are verifying their efforts to measure how they are meeting the Commitments. The effort of measuring and making improvements to meet the standard must be taken to scale. This means a greater number of organisations verifying, including national and local organisations which are at the forefront of the delivery of humanitarian response.  

This review aims to provide analysis of what it will take for the CHS Verification Scheme to meet its ambition, as many organisations as possible measuring how they are meeting the commitments to people in crisis and making the needed improvements. Its focus will be on what is required from the perspective of national actors.

HERE will undergo this project in partnership with Elise Baudot Queguiner and Rayelene Govender.