Work in progress – commissioned work

We are currently conducting one commissioned piece of research:

  • Evaluation of UNICEF’s role as Cluster lead (co-lead) Agency, commissioned by UNICEF.

Evaluation of UNICEF’s role as Cluster lead
(co-lead) Agency

Period: June – November 2020


UNICEF is the cluster lead agency (CLA) for three Clusters: Nutrition, WASH and, as co-CLA with Save the Children, Education. In addition, UNICEF is Focal Point Agency for the Child Protection Area of Responsibility under the Global Protection Cluster. Since 2013, when UNICEF evaluated its CLA responsibility, much has changed: investments have been made in improving the functioning of the clusters; new issues such as accountability to affected people or localisation have been added to the clusters’ agendas; and the importance of UNICEF’s role in supporting the clusters has been highlighted. A new evaluation of UNICEF’s CLA role is expected to take stock of the achievements and to assess them. In addition, and possibly even more importantly, the current COVID-19 pandemic may have profound implications for the future role of the clusters and their way of working. These aspects will be looked at in a formative manner as part of the evaluation.