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Review of Education Cluster Co-Leadership

The evaluation has been published! Read it here.

UNICEF and Save the Children contracted two HERE staff members to carry out this assignment.

The Global Education Cluster (GEC) is the only Global Cluster co-led by a United Nations (UN) agency – UNICEF – and a non-governmental organisation (NGO) – Save the Children International. The co-leadership arrangement is defined through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), and was last formally reviewed in 2010. The review noted that the co-leadership arrangement contributed well to the objectives of the Education Cluster, but also highlighted a number of challenges, both at the global and country level. It has been decided that in 2020 the co-leadership arrangement of the Education Cluster should undergo a more in-depth review.

Undertaken concurrently with an independent evaluation of UNICEF’s role as Cluster Lead Agency (CLA) more largely, the review of the Education Cluster Co-Leadership considers and assesses progress made, and provides suggestions as to what can be done differently or needs to happen to confront challenges encountered. The findings will also inform the next Global Education Cluster Strategy and the upcoming revision of the MoU between UNICEF and Save the Children.

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