‘Becoming the MSF We Want to Be’

‘Becoming the MSF We Want to Be’

Published: September 2020

One page-summary of the consultancy work commissioned by MSF’s International Board

ConsultantsEd Schenkenberg & Amanda Harvey-Dehaye

With the 2018 launched ‘Call for Change’ document (C4C), MSF’s International Board introduced a change process to guide the MSF movement in a common reflection on how the organisation should evolve over the coming 10 to 15 years. In moving the discussion on MSF’s future forward, the International Board decided to engage in formulating a shared diagnosis to further determine the directions and steps in ‘Becoming the MSF We Want to Be.’ This exercise is one that largely draws on the recent strategic planning exercises undertaken by the five operational centres of MSF. To support the diagnosis’ formulation, MSF’s International Board commissioned a ‘state of affairs’ analysis to HERE-Geneva.

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