What we do

Humanitarian environments are fast-moving, challenging and complex. For those organisations working amid crises, it can be hard to understand whose needs are being met, what vulnerabilities are being exposed, and the ramifications of decisions being made.

HERE is committed to advancing a research agenda that better understands the gaps between policy and humanitarian action, and provides actionable and durable solutions to bridge those gaps. Our research products provide an honest and constructive reflection of the reality on the ground – a reality often very different from that envisaged in policy statements and instruments designed from afar.

Independent from governments and other humanitarian actors, but in partnership with a network that spans the globe, we bring together diverse entities operating in the fragmented humanitarian space, stimulating mutual learning and critical thinking as part of our exchange function.

Our work has revealed the gaps can be attributed to one or a combination of three key areas: humanitarian principles, protection, and accountability. We also frequently witness failures in humanitarian leadership and strategic choices in spite of good intentions. We have, therefore, set our research agenda around these issues.


HERE’s mission is to contribute to improving collective performance and the effectiveness of humanitarian action. We produce independent research, analysis, and advice in the form of policy reviews, evaluations, and studies – both that which is conducted as part of our own research agenda, and that which is commissioned by others.


At HERE, we know that research and analysis need to be actionable if it is to be applicable to humanitarian settings. Which is why we offer opportunities for mutual learning through policy debates and engagement.

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