We are HERE

Founded in Geneva in 2014, the Humanitarian Exchange and Research Centre (HERE) works to close the gap between policy and humanitarian practice. We endeavour to understand and promote the steps that need to be taken in order to uphold the rights of crisis-affected people.

Our mission is to contribute to improving collective performance and the effectiveness of principled humanitarian action, especially in armed conflicts. We do so by researching key topical questions in humanitarian action and by promoting exchange of different points of view. The aim is to stimulate reflection, fuel debate and dialogue, influence policy, and instigate change.


Our research into the gap between policy and humanitarian practice delivers real-time reviews, evaluations, policy papers, and advisory notes at our initiative or on commission. Our particular focus is on situations of armed conflict and protracted complex emergencies, where the largest gaps between commitments and reality are found.


We engage in dialogue with humanitarian actors and others to understand their views on the gap between policy and humanitarian practice, to ensure that our research is evidence-based, and to point to possible solutions and provide actionable recommendations. We aim to stimulate mutual learning and critical thinking among humanitarians through informed policy debates and continuous project outreach.


Members of the HERE team have long-standing experience and in-depth knowledge of humanitarian affairs, research, and evaluations. Our researchers are well-versed in a wide variety of data collection and analysis methods, both at desk and country levels, and have published extensively in the fields of humanitarian and international affairs. Areas of specialism include, but are not limited to, humanitarian principles, complex emergencies, forced displacement, protection, accountability, leadership, and the humanitarian architecture, including coordination and humanitarian financing. The HERE team is completed by professionals covering administration and finance, communications, and event management. HERE is guided by a Board of Trustees which has a wealth of experience across the humanitarian sector, international affairs, and in academia.


Work With Us



Advancing a principled agenda and strengthening accountability for upholding humanitarian norms can only be done in collaboration with others. For this purpose, we partner with other think tanks, academic research institutes, humanitarian networks, UN and non-UN agencies, governments, and local institutions. In working with others, we seek to create mutual benefit. Several of these are also commissioning partners.

There are currently no vacancies in our team. Permanent and short-term career opportunities are posted below when they become available.