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Principled humanitarian programming in Yemen

Published: December 2021

by Marzia Montemurro and Karin Wendt

Commissioned with the support of ECHO, the research behind this report has aimed to develop an understanding of the challenges and decisions related to negotiations, access, and coordination that organisations pursue to uphold principled humanitarian action in Yemen.

Scope and approach

The research has hinged on two main tasks: 1) capturing how ECHO partner organisations in Yemen approach the humanitarian principles conceptually and practically;8 and 2) identifying the challenges/obstacles and enablers ECHO humanitarian partners face in providing principled humanitarian programming, and assessing to what extent it is possible to infer linkages between these challenges/obstacles, and a) their approach to the humanitarian principles; b) their access, presence, and perceived acceptance in Yemen; and c) the interface between their individual organisation’s approach and a coordinated one within the wider humanitarian architecture.