The Future of Humanitarian Coordination | Roadmap Walkthrough Video Series


July 2022

In 2021, HERE-Geneva embarked on a new project, The Future of Humanitarian Coordination, aiming to provide actionable suggestions on how to address some of the longstanding challenges in the way of effective humanitarian coordination. What needs revitalisation? Reinvigoration? Or renewal?

The final output of the project’s first phase, a roadmap, suggests short, medium, and long-term milestones to reach a form of humanitarian coordination that has a clear strategic vision, is value-driven, incentivised, and fit for purpose. This video series walks you through the roadmap and provides tools to understand it.

Currently available

General walkthrough
Episode 2 – Strategic vision
Episode 3 – Value-driven
Episode 4 – Incentivised

Coming soon

Episode 5 – Fit-for-purpose