Humanitarian Coordination

In 2021, HERE-Geneva embarked on a new  project: The future of humanitarian coordination. What needs revitalisation? Reinvigoration? Or renewal?

The research project has generated a variety of outputs: below, you will find the literature review underpinning four pressure points around coordination; a review of past recommendations on coordination; and a roadmap outlining some of the paths forward. For maximum readability, please open these in Adobe. We also organised two high-level roundtables to exchange on longstanding challenges in the way of effective humanitarian coordination, wrote blog posts on the challenges awaiting the new ERC Martin Griffiths; and recorded a podcast episode on the cluster system. 

Project OutputS

Starting Point

Timeline: June 2021 – February 2022

Building on our previous and ongoing work, this project aims to provide actionable suggestions on how to address some of the longstanding challenges in the way of effective humanitarian coordination, i.e. to identify what needs revitalisation, reinvigoration, or renewal. The starting assumption about the future humanitarian landscape is that the UN will retain its primary role in coordinating humanitarian action for at least the next decade. This project will also provide humanitarian policy makers with a review of the deeper outstanding challenges for meaningful humanitarian coordination. Starting from working hypotheses on what impedes coordination, major pressure points are identified to offer suggestions for both quick fixes and long-term solutions.

Blog & Podcast on coordination

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