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Latest publications

Latest report: Consultancy on Risk Sharing
To have an informed discussion during the 2020 Grand Bargain Annual Meeting, the Netherlands MFA and the ICRC commissioned research with the aim to map recent or ongoing initiatives to address risk in the humanitarian sector, and to identify the outcomes/recommendations that could benefit from a collective discussion in a multilateral forum. Read the discussion paper.

Out now: Annual Report 2019
Find out what we achieved in 2019. Read more.

The Role of ‘Mandates’ Final report
Questioning the general tendency to define humanitarian aid based on what each actor provides, the three years study looked more deeply at the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ as key to achieving an effective humanitarian response. Read Unpacking humanitarianism, the study’s concluding report.


Latest blog! – Risky business (and what’s next for the Grand Bargain)
Risk sharing is one of the items on the agenda of the meeting of the Grand Bargain signatories on 24 and 25 June 2020. In preparation of the meeting ICRC and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked us to take a look at the issue. There is great potential for the signatories to take risk sharing forward but it will require trust between donors and humanitarian organisations and some major steps, including looking at the future of the agreement…Read more

COVID-19 & humanitarian response
HERE organised a series of reflections with four leading humanitarian thinkers and practitioners, discussing their immediate response and expectations for what this crisis means for their current ways of working and models for the future.

Work in progress

Commissioned work: We are currently conducting two different pieces of research, commissioned by different agents:

  • Evaluation of UNICEF’s role as Cluster lead (co-lead) Agency, commissioned by UNICEF; and
  • ‘Becoming the MSF we want to be’ – shared diagnosis and state of affairs analysis, commissioned by Médecins Sans Frontières – International Board.

Self-initiated projects: We are in the process of conducting two self-initiated projects: